Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Use Audacity to make wav files you can broadcast

I made a short guide here on how to use Audacity to make wav files you can broadcast with your Raspberry Pi after you made it into an FM transmitter using the last post.

First off, go download and install Audacity. It's free, and it's a great piece of audio editing software.

Then open the sound file you want. In my case it's an episode of The Best Podcast In The Universe.
Now, you want to mix it down to mono, like this:

Then we need to change the sampling rate. The raspberry will play the file at 22KHz, but my clip is 32KHz, so if i leave it unchanged it will only run at roughly 2/3 the original speed. 
The sample rate is changed in the lower left corner. Set it to 22050.

Then we need to export the clip:
 Choose "other uncompressed format", then "options..." and "wav, signed 16bit signed PCM"

Then transfer the file to your raspberry Pi and start your own radio channel

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